Spectrum - Kerala IRIA Midterm CME

organised by Thrissur IRIA on 25th Sept 2022, 8.30 am to 5 pm

Dear colleague ,

Warm greetings from the cultural capital of Kerala . After a long 'covid interval' as we are slowly gearing up towards the exciting days of physical conferences the mid term CME of IRIA Kerala is being hosted by Thrissur once again.
Vascular Doppler has been chosen this time as the theme of the CME and workshop this time . While the James Webb Space Telescope now gives us vivid images of stars using infrared waves, the same Doppler principles in medical ultrasound gives us spectacular insights to the vessels in human body and the haemodynamics.

Special emphasis will be placed on clinical correlation , live demonstrations , reporting formats and comparison with other imaging modalities.

We humbly request you to register for the event at the earliest Let all the roads of radiologists in Kerala lead to Thrissur .

With warm regards
For Organizing Committee

Dr. Gomathy Subramanian, State President
Dr. Rijo Mathew, State Secretary.
Dr. Rajesh M. G., Org. Chairman
Dr. Shephy Kinattingal, Org. Secretary
Dr. Robert Ambooken, Chairman, Scientific Committee

8.45 - 9:30 am: Doppler knobology, Image optimisation, Artifact correction
Dr. Harish Babu S. P., Consultant, Baby Memorial Hospital, Kozhikode.
Dr. Shahul Hameed D. K., Consultant, IQRAA Hospital , Kozhikode.

9:30 - 10:30 am: Peripheral Arterial Doppler - How to perform, interpret & generate a standardised report.
Dr. Srikanth Moorthy, Professor and HOD of Radiology, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi.

10:30 - 11:30 am:
Inauguration and Tea Break

11:30 - 12:30 pm: Deep and superficial venous thrombosis - quick review. Peripheral Venous Insufficiency - How to perform & generate a standardised report
Dr. Jose Kuruvilla, Consultant, Marian Medical Center Pala.

12.30-12.40 pm

12:40 - 1:25 pm: Carotid & Vertebral artery doppler - How to do it, what to assess & how to report
Dr. Zunimol P. K. M.,Consultant & Academic Coordinator, KIMS , Trivandrum.


2:00 - 3.00 pm: General Body Meeting

3.00- 3.40pm
Renal artery doppler - How to do it, Present concepts & Reporting
Dr. Shahul Hameed & Dr. Harish Babu S. P.

3.45 - 4.25 pm AV fistula - Pre-operative mapping, assessing maturity & complications
Dr. Abdul Razik, Consultant, IQRAA Hospital, Kozhikode.

4.30 - 4.55 pm: Penile Doppler in Erectile Dysfunction
Dr. Rijo Mathew, Amma Scans & Insta Speciality Hospitals, Edapally, Kochi.
Abstract and E poster submission

The Organising and Scientific Committee of the Mid term IRIA Conference 2022- SPECTRUM to be held at Thrissur invites
online submissions for the following categories
1. Oral paper and 2. E-Poster presentations.

Conference Abstract Review Policy
The submitted abstracts should not exceed 250 words and must be structured to include Purpose (background & objective), Methods and materials, Results and Conclusion.

All abstracts will be judged according to
relevance to IRIA/ICRI, ethics, objectivity of statement, suitability of methods to aims, conclusions confirmed by objective results, scientific value, potential clinical value and originality of work

A maximum of 6 minutes for oral paper presentations will be allotted for each candidate. Presentation will be followed by 2 minutes for discussion
The decision of acceptance of abstract by the Scientific Committee is final.
No review or revision or external influences are entertained.

E poster presentations
Original research, Pictorial essayCase series report, Single typical or Rare case report with review of literature shall be chosen .

E-poster should be in powerpoint format and can include a maximum of 7 slides including one for title/author and review of literature
Accepted e-posters will be presented during the conference electronically.
Three posters from PG and two from consultant category will be awarded cash prizes.

Paper Presentation
Consultant category
First prize Rs. 5000
2 nd prize Rs. 3000
PG category
First prize Rs. 5000
Second prize Rs. 3000
Third prize Rs. 1000

E poster
Consultant category
First prize Rs. 4000
2 nd prize Rs. 2000
PG category
First prize Rs. 4000
Second prize Rs. 2000
Third prize Rs. 1000

A certificate from HOD validating the paper/poster to your institution is required for submission by PGs

All applicants must have registered for the conference

The abstract for paper presentation and the e-poster must be submitted to iriathrissur@gmail.com with subject mentioning the title on or before the 10th of September 2022
Early Bird Regn for IRIA Life members is Rs. 500/- till Aug 10th
Aug 11th to 31st
Residents (IRIA PLM) Rs. 500/-
IRIA LM Rs. 750/-
Non IRIA member consultant & Resident Rs. 1000/-

Sept 1st to 15th
IRIA LM Rs. 1000/-
IRIA PLM Rs. 750/-
Non IRIA Consultant Rs. 1400/-
Non PLM Resident Rs. 1000/-

Spot Regn (After Sept 15th)
IRIA LM Rs. 1500/-
IRIA PLM Rs. 1200/-
Non IRIA Consultant Rs. 1500/-
Non PLM Resident Rs. 1200/-

To make payment, scan the QR code (download the QR code, and opt to scan the same from the gallery option in Gpay, Phonepe, Paytm or similar UPI apps) given in this page or to the UPI address - qr.tcciria143@sib

Click here to register after making payment
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MSK USG Workshop on Oct 9th at Malabar Medical College, Kozhikode
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